IRA Insiders Program - Learn The Steps, Strategies, Tools, And Concepts To Do Real Estate Deals Inside Your IRA In Our Monthly Webinar (Free For Clients Of Specialized Black!)
We Will Take You By The Hand To Show You How Easy It Is To Complete Real Estate In An IRA, 401k Or For That Matter Any Self-Directed IRA Retirement Account.

Tuesday, August 25th

@ 4:00PM PT, 5:00PM MT, 7:00PM EST

Must Attend

Making Real Estate Easy...
Presented by the following:

Edwin Kelly

CEO & Founder of Specialized IRA Services.

Keith Marsh

COO & Founder of Specialized IRA Services.
What You Will Learn On This  Webinar:
If you invest in real estate

If you invest in real estate in your IRA, you’ll want to join us to discover the strategies and best practices to do even more deals.

Accelerated Wealth Strategies Monthly Webinar
Learn how to process real estate deal transactions inside your IRA. One bit of information has helped put together deals that were LOST!

Hear from industry insiders
Hear from industry insiders who reveal the exact steps and tools they use to do real estate deals inside their IRAs.

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